Meet the pawsome charities Bring Your Dog To Work Day is helping…


We’re so excited about the launch of Bring Your Dog to Work Day with Butch and Bess. Not only does it promise to be a super fun day for everyone involved, but it’s also going to help raise crucial funds and awareness for the work of three amazing charities that we hold very close to our hearts here at Lovesniffys. Even if you already bring your dog to work every day, you can help spread the word and upload a pooch selfie on And if you can’t bring you dog with you then you can still show your support for these great charities!


There are so many dogs finding themselves without a loving home. All Dogs Matter take these dogs in need into care, whether they come from the streets, the pounds or even straight from the owners who no longer want them nor can keep them.

For All Dogs Matter, their mission is to pair up the dogs that come to them with a new owner who will give them a new life with the loving home and security they deserve. Much of the work that goes into rehoming these dogs is voluntary, but because each dog is fully assessed, health checked, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before a new home is found for them, funding is vital to maintain the essential work the charity carries out.

The charity is regularly involved in successful fundraising and awareness events, including their biggest annual event Pup Idol which will be returning for 2014. On May 3rd All Dogs Matter hosted The Great Hampstead Bark Off where dog lovers and cake fanatics, even some celebrities, were able help this worthy cause.  


Puppy farming is a problem in the UK. Puppies are bred for mass commercial production with no care given to theirs, the mothers’ or the stud dogs’ welfare. Many of these dogs are subject to horrific conditions and suffer from incurable and infectious diseases. The puppies that are sold are often in poor health and many die early on, causing both the animal and new owner heartache.  

Pup Aid seeks to raise awareness and bring attention to this cruel and tragic practice. Promoting responsible dog breeding practices and rescue dog adoption, the charity is constantly striving for puppy farming to end.

This year the charity is seeing movement with its ‘Where’s Mum?’ campaign. Over 110,000 people have signed the petition pushing for the practice to be stopped, which has now brought it to the attention of Parliament for debate.


Animals Asia is an international charity seeking to promote compassion for animals and improve their welfare in China and Vietnam. Founded in 1998, the charity campaigns against the cruel bear bile industry, the trade of cats and dogs for meat and the abuse of animals in captivity.

Working with communities, the charity is trying to promote this change sensitively. They look to provide sustainable solutions for all parties which can help better welfare for animals in these areas and encourage respect. The charity has rescued over 400 bears providing care for them in award-winning sanctuaries in Asia.

In April this year, Animals Asia made the news when it struck an unprecedented deal that will allow them to convert a bear bile farm in China into a bear sanctuary, where they will be able to care for the sickest bears and provide urgent veterinary attention.

Each charity works tirelessly for fantastic cause, so if we can help out, even just by having a day at work with our dogs then that’s just what we’ll do!

Further information about the work of these brilliant charities and how you can help can be found at: