Rescue Dog Files…Cloud

They say every Cloud has a silver lining – well we hope this story will end with one.


Gorgeous Cloud is around 3 years old and very friendly.

She loves treats and walks nicely on the lead.

She is full of love and affection and would make a fantastic friend for someone out there.

A bit like Nacho before he met little Twiglet, Cloud would be best living as the only dog in a home as she is very unsure of other dogs. This isn’t because Cloud doesn’t like them – she just doesn’t know how to interact and behave ‘properly’ – she probably missed out on the “rules” as a pup without a caring owner to show her the ropes.

Cloud is also best with no cats and if any children, they should be older ones over 12 only who would know how to behave around a little dog that isn’t sure of how to deal with the world around her.

Cloud deserves a loving home as she has so much love to give. Whilst brindles tend to stay in rescues for a long time we hope that this little girl will find her forever home soon – she deserves a chance to be loved.

For more information about Cloud click here.

If you can offer Cloud a home please contact


Nowzad – Part 2

Its easy just to think of Afghanistan as a war torn wasteland – a land which people see on the news and forget about. Another day, another bomb. For Pen Farthing its not an option of turning over the channel and ignoring whats going on. He lives and breathes Afghanistan. Not from a Royal Marine’s point of view anymore, but from a man trying to make a difference.

Pen Farthing where it all started.

Pen Farthing where it all started.

He is the man behind Nowzad – the only recognised animal shelter in the land. But its not just about the animals, its about giving the people of Afghanistan hope and something to care about again. Thats why Pen Farthing couldnt walk away – and why Peter Egan went to join him.

We caught up with Peter after his trip, which had obviously had an impact on him, “The team that Pen has working for him are incredible and clearly love both the animals and their jobs. A great export from Great Britain is animal welfare; wherever you go in the world you will find Brits trying to solve issues to do with animal cruelty.”

Here is Pen Farthing doing just that…

Peter continues, “Pen is another of those great eccentric British animal lovers trying to make a difference.  I have great admiration for him as I do for Jill Robinson, who does such great work for bears, dogs and cats in China. I feel blessed to know and be able to offer them my support”.

Here Peter is doing exactly that, when he meets Jo – a very special rescue, that would most certainly have died without Nowzad.

As Peter’s trip was coming to an end he was told of the news that Nowzad could be in trouble. The lease on the land they use is ending and they need to move by September otherwise the vital role they play in Afghanistan will not be able to continue. Peter explains,

One of the many Nowzad rescues

One of the many Nowzad rescues

 “Its very sad that they have to move – its a perfect site for them. Its not the shelter that has to move,   but the site which offers accommodation to Louise Hastie who is the general manager when Pen is away fundraising, and is the site for their clinic and emergency shelter. If Nowzad isnt supoorted there will not be an animal charity in Afghanistan.


The Magnificent 7 – 7 pups that came from a base.

Pen is extending his work into the community and introducing animal welfare and husbandry to working animals. It is vital that he continues to share the importance of animal welfare to the local community, and how rewarding a reciprocal relationship between man and animals is.

They deserve as much help as they can get and need our support now.”

Pen farthing and Nowzad have been doing great things in Afghanistan for a number of years but to continue they need to raise £100,000.

You can donate here

Many thanks to Peter Egan for the interview, South West London TV for the videos, and to Wetnose Animal Aid for organising such an important trip.

Special thanks to Pen Farthing and all at Nowzad for giving the animals and people of Afghanistan hope.